Centre of Gravity (Star Carrier, Book 2) – Ian Douglas

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Centre of Gravity – Ian Douglas
Paperback | Kindle Edition

This is the second book in the series all about the Star Carrier America, and it’s continuing role played in the galactic war with the Sh’daar

From the book

The second book in the epic saga of humankind’s war of transcendence

In the evolution of every sentient race, there is a turning point when the species achieves transcendence through technology.

The warlike Sh’daar are determined that this monumental milestone will never be achieved by the creatures known as human.

On the far side of known human space, the Marines are under siege, battling the relentless servant races of the Sh’daar aggressor. With a task force stripped to the bone and the Terran Confederation of States racked by dissent, rogue Admiral Alexander Koenig must make the momentous decision that will seal his fate and the fate of humankind.

A strong defensive posture is futile, so Koenig will seize the initiative and turn the gargantuan Star Carrier America toward the unknown. For the element of surprise is the only hope of stalling the Sh’daar assault on Earth’s solar system—and the war for humankind’s survival must be taken directly to the enemy.


This time around we are in the start with the aftermath of the first book and sees admiral Koenig and the other characters touted as the heroes of the hour.

Unfortunately the proximity witnessed by the attack makes the politicians nervous, and wanting to pull more forces back to protect the Earth, thus making the ‘Centre of Gravity’ for the war the very thing they want to protect (for Centre of Gravity think ‘Focal point’).

This flies in the face of military thinking from Admiral Koenigs point of view, who believes that a purely defensive strategy will only fail. With this in mind he cajoles the powers that be, in to giving him a task force to proceed in towards the enemy; which he takes full advantage of before he’s ordered home.


This is a good sequel, and a robust followup to the preceding book. It follows in the same footsteps and is just as well presented, and well-rounded as it’s predecessor, though again, it’s a little repetitive in the descriptions of some of the future tech involved.

There were a couple of instances, where I found the pace slowing a little, though there are blessed few points like this. All in all it’s a good progression to the story, and again, got me wanting to read more without wanting it to end!

I think I’ll give it 7/10  😀