Foska Convict Cycling Jersey

Foska are a retailer of performance cycling gear for those looking for something with a little humour and not costing the Earth. I chose the convict cycling jersey – as you can see it’s quite a striking design…

From the Foska Website:

The Foska 'convict' jersey. One of many designs available.
The Foska ‘convict’ jersey. One of many designs available.

Who is foska?

It’s 2002 and three die-hard cyclists are in the pub – just for a change – moaning about garish, boring and tacky bike gear the mass-market companies expect us to wear. They’re certain that they’re not the only ones. The result – Our now-legendary Marmite design sold out in weeks and we knew we were onto something. A few years later and we have a huge range, new styles and new designs, but our philosophy is just the same – to create brilliant, practical and witty gear that we want to wear.

What makes us different? designs and makes performance clothing for cyclists, runners and triathletes. We create products that we want, and listen to our customers to make sure we keep getting it right. All are designed to perform – they’re made from technically advanced fabrics including Coolmax® and Respira®, and feature an obsessive attention to detail and quality. All our products are easy-care and all* feature fade-free printing.


Personally I like many of the designs on the Foska site. They appeal to my sense of humour, are effective at what they do and more importantly are visible on the bike.

I’m tempted by the Heinz Tomato Ketchup one along with a couple of others! Have a look at the site… Foska Site


The cycling jersey is referred to as a ‘Sport cut’ – that is snug but not tight. For me at 5′ 10″ and 13st it is a comfortable tightness, but the stretch of the fabric allows for movement without restriction. There is a little tightness around the area where the rear pockets are as the elastic around the front, level with the tops of them pull the fabric a little, but it’s nothing to worry about.

The fabric itself is smooth to touch, stretchy and moves sweat away from the skin well, being a Coolmax© performance fabric, this is as expected.

There are 3 rear pockets with a zipped pocket for keys etc. These work well, and have to date been known to successfully secure a water bottle, 2 packets of biscuits and my office and home keys. The biscuits were most definitely for someone else – honest 😉

The biggest benefit for this jersey though is the visibility. I have had several comments whilst zipping around the locale in this top all of which were amusingly positive – one driver even stopped to let me across a major road with the comment “anything for a fellow inmate” – I thanked him and left at speed..!

The only thing I can say on the negative is that the zip could be better, it’s a little difficult to use, sticking at the very top.

For me it’s a 9/10 and I will be buying another soon!