MediaPortal – HTPC software

MediaPortal the Home Theatre PC software - "Anythng else is just a media player"
MediaPortal the Home Theatre PC software – “Anythng else is just a media player”

MediaPortal is software for controlling a Home Theatre PC (HTPC); If you think it’s like the TiVo, Sky+ or V+ set-top boxes, but with much more flexibility.

I first got in to this many years ago (July 2007 to be precise) while mooching about on the Internet and seeing a great article speaking about HTPCs in general then doing some searching and research on t’Internet.

MediaPortal is the software that controls the PC in doing it’s media stuff (here’s a video for the recent 1.3Beta release in action YouTube), you’ll see that it’s almost a complete system for managing and viewing your media (movies, music, pictures and online stuff).

This rapidly became a labour of love, and I built my first HTPC soon after being satisfied that I knew what I was doing (ha ha), that soon proved false however, once I realised that MediaPortal can do so much more than it says on the tin.

  • Got a fancy second screen and you want to show media information on it (song title/artist, or movie details)? Yep, that’s supported.
  • How about controlling your funky electronic dimmer? Yep, that too
  • Ok, I’ve watched TV for ever and I fancy playing Pac-Man on my emulation software. Yes, that’s also an option..!

You get the idea!

Nowadays I’ve become part of the team for MediaPortal – and am enjoying all the benefits of getting behind the scenes of this little gem.

And the best bit of this little tale? MediaPortal is FREE! 
Yes, you too can have a PC made to look like a sleek piece of hi-fi equipment controlling your media and the software to make it works costs you nothing..!