Volvo’s Cyclist Detection

Could this stop fatal collisions with cyclists on the roads?
Could this stop fatal collisions with cyclists on the roads?

Volvo have announced that they are releasing a ‘Cyclist Detection’ system that they suggest may stop fatal collisions on the roads.

It is an upgrade of their already in use technology that detects pedestrians and slams on the brakes if a collision is about to happen. Apparently the inclusion of cyclists in this system is a software re-write, but requires more oomph from the processors, so it can’t simply upgrade existing cars, and that the new system must be factory fitted (and then not to the full range of cars).

Why they have decided this is a mystery to me – why make a great safety device like this and limit the supply of it? Make it as cheaply and as freely available as possible!

Personally I like this – from a cyclists point of view it sounds like a fantastic thing to have – it’s all too often that some cars get a little too close for comfort, and even a considerate cyclist has to take avoidance action occasionally.

According to the UK’s Department for Transport, 6,040 pedestrians, 3,270 cyclists and 5,440 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads between October 2011 and September 2012. Scary figures indeed…
I especially like the Russian Roulette aspect for those mental cyclists who weave in and out of traffic; does that Volvo have the collision detection system on or will I die if I get too close?! :tongue: Revenge or die…

More of the same please, cycling along the roads of Bradford can be, well… Let’s just say ‘interesting’ shall we.. 😉

More details from the BBC here: Volvo unveils cyclist alert-and-brake car system