Hi, my name is Simon Rochester and I’m a geek (they say that’s the first step to recovery)…

I work as the Managing Director for Rochester & Associates Ltd, the company I founded with Tor Mackenzie in January 1998, which is an IT services company based on the Leeds/Bradford border.

The Early line up of Sinclair ZX computers
The Early line up of Sinclair ZX computers

Born in November 1971, I’ve been in to technology from an early age, starting out with the Sinclair ZX80, and then on to the ZX81. In my time I have been fortunate enough to witness an incredible change in technology and the way we use it.

Even back in school I knew what I was one of those few kids who knew what they wanted to ‘do’ when I grew up and so started out on my career by training to be an Electrician, then working in Electronics, then getting qualified on PCs (both software and hardware). This path meant that I spent forever qualifying, but means I have a wealth  of knowledge from complimentary careers, which I find extremely useful.

Nowadays I still have an irresistible ‘hands-on’ mentality, and am usually found, knees deep in a server or PC somewhere.

I also manage to keep up with the web side of technology, advising and consulting on many web-based projects with companies as diverse as a glues and sealants manufacturer, a property management company and offering advice to solicitors in legal cases.

MediaPortal the Home Theatre PC software - "Anythng else is just a media player"
MediaPortal The Home Theatre PC software – “Anythng else is just a media player”

Personally I love reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, and Cycling when the weather (and work) permits. Gadgets also play a big part in my life, as you’d expect for a ‘geek’ 😀

On the technology side, I build HTPCs (Home Theatre PC) and spend some time assisting the team with MediaPortal (HTPC software) and playing video games.

I hope this site proves amusing and informative, and I’ll apologise now for the occasional rant! Being an optimistic pessimist, and starting to reach my more mature years means I sometimes have to vent my frustration on the stupidity of various things, sadly this is my therapy  😉