So the saga of the blood clot continues…

After a consultation with the hematologist, I was sent for a CT scan of my entire body as a DVT can apparently be a symptom of cancer. Not something I wanted to hear, but to be honest she was straightforward with me and assured me that she was confident that the clot was caused by my ankle – Just a precaution apparently.

Off I pop, somewhat nervous never having had one of these before though there was quite simply nothing to be nervous of, my worries were completely unfounded as the process was quick and painless.

Then came the results letter which said that I had an ‘unknown mass’ on my spine and not to worry (remember I was sent for a scan to see if there was any cancer?) suffice to say that the words ‘don’t worry’ on the letter didn’t really help!

Luckily on the same day the letter came I had a follow up consultation with a different  Hematologist about the blood clot, so he managed to get hold of the CT scan results which said I needed a follow up MRI and they suspected a hemangioma. Made no sense to me either! Google!!

So I get sent for an MRI next…

This scan was considerably different than the CT. Although the staff were very good the process was a little unnerving.

I was placed on a bed, given some ear plugs (the little squishy yellow ones) and asked to place my head in the recess (there’s a frame to put your head in). Then I had some small cushions placed at the sides of my head, an MRI mask fixed to the framework (Google) and I was slid completely in to the machine…

…And back out again – the mask was removed – back in again…

Next came what seemed like a age of buzzes, crashes and bangs to be endured. I was glad for the ear protection!

Finally I was slid out of the machine feeling really dizzy, I was free to go home.

Now I was free to overthink the possible outcomes of the scan as the usual wait for the dreaded results came.


It seems I have a Hemangioma basically a birthmark on my spine, so nothing to worry about. I’m off the drugs and free to go about my life again!

On the positive side, I’ve lost nearly 14 lbs with worry!