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January 2013

Farcry 3 by Ubisoft - 3rd in the Farcry series.

Farcry 3 Review

This is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game set on a desert island. It’s the 3rd incarnation in the Farcry series (unsurprising from the title!) Plot Far Cry 3 is set on a tropical island somewhere in the vicinity of the Malay Archipelago, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. After …

Simon Rochester

Virtual computing

There is a huge trend towards virtual and cloud computing in the IT world, though there is also a “because¬†we can” rather …

The Cateye Commuter cycling computer

Cateye Commuter Cycle Computer

Being a (weather and work permitting) cyclist and geek, means that there will always be a desire to enjoy the gadgets available …

Rest in Peace UK Businesses

21st Century Business

The UK business scene is seeing some of it’s huge businesses taken down by a variety of influences. In the recent case …

Sadly sometimes things go wrong - even for the IT people!


“Why do things always go wrong just when you don’t need them to?” This is a cry we hear all the time; …