I’ve Got Those Courier Blues…

Sometimes the couriers are absolutely infuriating!
Sometimes the couriers are absolutely infuriating!

Today was one of those days, a complete waste of a morning thanks to those wonderfully helpful courier types.

I received a ‘We’re sorry we missed you’ messages from CityLink for a package, delivered yesterday, the reverse of which had been artfully circled by (presumably) the delivery driver with instructions that the package was awaiting my pleasure at the depot.

I’m not 100% sure what delights are awaiting my pleasure but the anticipation was worth it  😀

Off I pop this morning. A brisk drive across the cityscape of Leeds to the depot in Morley.

Arriving at the depot, Neanderthal man appeared at the pressing of the call button, gestured for the green ‘We’re sorry we missed you’ ticket and proceeded to prod at the keyboard of a terminal that I think wouldn’t have looked out-of-place at Bletchley Park.

“Sorry mate” – I’m not quite sure at which point I became his mate – “it’s out on a van, is no one in at home?”
“No, I’m here!”
“Oh, well then”
“Tomorrow then?”
“Looks like it”

Neanderthal man shuffles back to the closed recesses of courier land.

And that’s the simple tale of how a courier managed to pretty much waste a huge chunk of my morning…

not angry in the slightest, sigh…   😐