Specialized Echelon 2013 Helmet

The Specialized Echelon 2013 Helmet is my latest purchase for my cycling hobby, And what a little belter it is.

Specialized Echelon Helmet
Specialized Echelon Helmet


Although a bit of a strange title – installing (?) this was a doddle:

  1. Remove from packaging
  2. Place on head
  3. Adjust straps (removing as necessary)
  4. Wear helmet


Shell construction: Composite matrix internal reinforcement allows larger vents for greater cooling

Fit system: Headset SL fit system with four height positions and micro-adjustable dial is easy to adjust on the fly

Ventilation: 4th Dimension Cooling System to optimise ventilation

Straps: Tri-Fix strap system – new innovative retention system makes fitting the helmet simpler and more secure

Extra Features: Complies with one or more of the following safety standards for bicycle helmets: CPSC, SNELL B90A, CE and AS/NZS


I purchased this to replace the Giro I was wearing as it’s got a little tatty and has a couple of dents; Being the good cyclist that I am, all the warnings about good helmet practice say to replace if it gets slight damage on it, so I did.

Evans Cycles in Leeds was the place to go as I’ve found them to be great for service and highly helpful when it comes to what you want, without being steered towards the pricier end of the market.

Now here I have to admit I have a really small head – buying any headgear for me is a bit of a nightmare as nothing seems to fit properly, so this wasn’t going to be a good experience; or so I thought!

What did surprise me was that the more expensive helmets really didn’t give anything extra in terms of looks or comfort, why pay more?
I tried on several different helmets from the range – from the cheaper £30 ones to the more expensive £150+ ones, but found that the Specialized Echelon (at £50) felt the most comfortable without looking like I was a mushroom.

I chose the black one, but it comes in a range of colours. 😎

The first ride with it was a revelation too. There was little notice that I was wearing the helmet, it is quite light, and the airflow into the helmet was much better than my Giro, cooling the head and brow quite nicely in the present heatwave we are experiencing.

All in all I’m a happy cyclist – Nice! 9/10  😀