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ReamdeNeal Stephenson


A story about the crossover of the digital realms and the physical, rolled into a plot centered on international terrorism. From the …

Tomb Raider 2013by Square Enix

Tomb Raider (2013) Review

Tomb Raider has undergone a remix in this prequel to the earlier games, but the question is does it do the Lara …

Crysis 3 from EA

Crysis 3 Review

The latest in the Crysis 3 series has you running about as Prophet in the Nanosuit, killing CELL and alien Ceph scum …

Farcry 3 by Ubisoft - 3rd in the Farcry series.

Farcry 3 Review

This is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game set on a desert island. It’s the 3rd incarnation in the Farcry series (unsurprising …

MediaPortal the Home Theatre PC software - "Anythng else is just a media player"

MediaPortal – HTPC software

MediaPortal is software for controlling a Home Theatre PC (HTPC); If you think it’s like the TiVo, Sky+ or V+ set-top boxes, …